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= a learning hub through the Cambridge Commons that will bring together people who are interested in teaching/sharing and people who are keen to learn/apply ideas and practices that will reduce inequalities and exploitation by advancing cooperative, open source, & democratic working.


Henry Tam:

"The learning hub will facilitate the following:

1. Encourage people interested in sharing relevant ideas/practices to come forward (via personal contact or our website) with their proposals for what they will teach/share and when.

2. Put the offers we approve on our webpage, and invite people across Cambridge (and possibly surrounding areas) to indicate (pledge) which offer they would attend along with their preferences for times/dates (duration/location) for participation.

3. Review match-ups and viability and on that basis organise the selected sessions.

4. Publicise the scheduled sessions.

5. Ensure the advertised sessions are held and subject to satisfactory delivery, arrange for speakers to offer similar sessions again.

It’s a simple model, but in addition to the accelerated learning and applications, it could build up a group of people who will get to know each other well and nurture the kind of locality-based mutual support and collaboration."