Ca La Fou

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= Ecoindustrial Postcapitalist Colony, part of the Catalan Integral Cooperative



"Since its inception, the intent is to develop a network based on a network of cooperatives, individual projects and housing in a collectivised area.This seeks to facilitate the sharing of ideas, goods and resources to foster synergies in a natural way. A place for social innovation, technology and policy based on self-responsibility and cooperation. A project where the productive economies are in the service of people allowing their needs for access to resources and tools are not obstacles to the realization of their creative potential.|


"We have collectively acquired an industrial colony with 28,000 msq of production space and 27 apartments. It was unused and had deteriorated significantly since the factory's closure implying a loss of industrial heritage and of the collective memory of an entire region. Its size and variety of usable space made the comprehensive cooperative fall in love with it and take it on. The formula we use for access to housing is to purchase the licensing of the use by the cooperative and productive spaces for the social rate rental services and resources are shared between all those involved in the project."


|Start date=2011/01/01 |City=Ca la Fou |Country=Spain |Location=41.510469, 1.701931 |Topics=Ecology, P2P Ecology, P2P Education, Energy |Types=Organizations }}