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We believe that every business, product and service that is successful in the future, is ecologically and socially sustainable. This drives innovation and organizational change towards sustainability with an ever-increasing speed.

CAmpus ReDesign SCE makes the innovative knowledge to redesign business and society towards sustainability easily accessible to professionals so that they can minimize risks, avoid costs and create opportunities. Simply put – continue to be professionally successful!

The current situation for people on Earth can be likened to a funnel with ever-diminishing room for health, economic prosperity and welfare.

Life-sustaining systems are subject to deterioration. Waste is steadily accumulating and natural resources are steadily declining. Therefore, the resource-potential for society and the economy is systematically decreasing. At the same time, the global population and the global demand for these resources are steadily increasing.

Staying on the cutting edge of innovative solutions towards sustainability at the opening of the funnel inherently means relatively smaller risks and greater opportunity.


CAmpus ReDesign SCE is the global provider on expert online sustainability training. We give professionals worldwide - from the business, public and academic sector - the best training to redesign their operations, products and services towards ecological and social sustainability and success. CAmpus ReDesign SCE is an ecologically and socially sustainable company. In our operations, we no longer subject nature to systematic increases in concentration of substances from the Earth's crust or produced by society; nor to systematic physical degradation. Also we no longer contribute to the systematic undermining of humans’ ability to meet their own needs.

Core values

CAmpus ReDesign SCE is characterized by the following features that stand out and influence our internal and external relations. Openness and generosity: We are open and transparent in our operations and generously share knowledge and information. Willingness to always learn and excel: We invite and learn from feedback from co-workers, customers and partners; and strive to excel in all aspects. Innovativeness: We are innovative in the way we help people meet and learn. Joyfulness: We create joyful, relaxed and energized meetings between people. System perspective: We want to see our relations in a system perspective and thereby better understand our co-workers and customers, as well as the society and the ecosphere we act within.

Strategic goals

CAmpus ReDesign SCE wants to excel in four focus areas and has set the following strategic goals for 2011:

  1. Development: The courses and curricula that are developed at CARD.COOP are rooted in the customers’ professional needs; and are guided by current research on e-learning and Internet communities.
  2. Production: Presenters/lecturers consider the workflow to be effective and to generate a very high quality outcome. They are very inspired working for CAmpus ReDesign SCE, and the majority are members.
  3. Market: The CARD.COOP service is established in 40 countries and in 20 languages. CARD.COOP has over 200.000 yearly customers/members. Customers rate the CARD.COOP service highly because they experience them as both meaningful, memorable and motivational.
  4. Personnel: Co-workers enjoy their work and radiate the core values of CAmpus ReDesign SCE.

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