C2C, B2C and the New Open 2.0 Business Models

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Article: C2C, B2C : new business models or the ubiquity 2.0 paradigm. Henri Tcheng, Isabelle Denervaud and Jean-Michel Huet. BearingPoint, 2010

URL = http://innovation-regulation.enst.fr/fileadmin/documents/thematiques/Innovative_Business_Models/New_business_model.pdf


"New economic models have gradually risen out, a few years after the Internet bubble burst. In comparison with the first wave (1999-2000), three differences are noticeable: the scale of the phenomenon (one billion internet users were reached at the end of 2005); then the spectacular success of new services constituting the “web 2.0” (for instance, MySpace, a blog site, has become the second most visited site in the world after Yahoo and ahead of Google) and finally the setting up of genuinely different economic models. The latter phenomenon is especially of interest. As opposed to the early days of Internet that encompassed conventional B-to-C (business-to-consumer) or B-to-B (business-to-business) distribution models with the recognized virtues of dematerialized content, today new business flows rise, coming from the consumer: C-to-C (consumer-to-consumer) and C-to-B (consumer-to-business) distribution models." (http://innovation-regulation.enst.fr/fileadmin/documents/thematiques/Innovative_Business_Models/New_business_model.pdf)