Businesses for the Commons Project

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A project of Mantova Lab:

"The «businesses for the commons» project is based on a logic of social inclusion, reached by an institutional strategy focused on the creation of a network of partnerships between administrators, citizens and businesses. An innovative paradigm which finds its reference in the Italian constitution where, at the fourth comma of article 118, horizontal subsidiarity is expressed; according to such possibility citizens have available precious means to care about overall interest through improving and defending commons. In this framework the culture, a fundamental equally material and immaterial common, is considered as the core for the establishment of a social partnership which make the cultural heritage a driving force in the development, both economic and social, of the Italian city of Mantua. The final objective is to revitalize the cultural heritage of the territory of Mantua by improving social innovation and creativity, and establishing a governance lab which aims to sustain experimentations of shared ideas for the renovation of cultural commons. Through the “businesses for the commons” Lab, will be tested in practice the activities of shared care of the cultural heritage. Project activities require testing of living lab and fab lab, creation of an incubator for cultural enterprises and cooperative placemaking’s experimentation." (