Building Resiliency Through Green Infrastructure

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* Report: BUILDING RESILIENCY THROUGH GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE. A Community Wealth Building Approach. By Johanna Bozuwa. Democracy Collaborative, 2019


"provides clear ways for cities to build better relationships with our natural assets through green infrastructure at the same time as fostering stronger, more resilient communities."


"In particular, this report identifies how new, equitable business models can help address our desperate need for the benefits of green infrastructure, while also providing a transformative way to build local, long-term resiliency for everyone in our cities. Worker-owned cooperatives, social enterprise, and other models that operate with the values of broad-based ownership and equity pave a major way forward toward a more diverse workforce in the water industry.

Drawing from enterprises and cooperatives across the United States— from Oakland to Pittsburgh—we gain real-world strategies to deliver on community wealth building. In order to build true resiliency, we need to fully integrate communities into the workforce and build long-term, mission-driven jobs. We need to contemplate the relationship between green infrastructure and affordable housing. We need to discuss the role of utilities and other anchor institutions, like large, place-based nonprofits like hospitals or universities, in launching a new era of place-based economies."


  • Green Infrastructure
  • Regulating and Paying for Green Infrastructure
  • From the Field: Case Studies
  • Strategies to Deepen and Expand Community
  • Wealth Building Enterprises