Brendan Graham Dempsey on Emergentism

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"Jim Rutt talks with Brendan Graham Dempsey about his book Emergentism: A Religion of Complexity for the Metamodern World. They discuss the meaning crisis & its symptoms, reciprocal narrowing, the pre-modern & the modern, the emergence of reductionism, the meaning of complexity & emergence, sacralizing the scientific creation narrative, Prigogine’s theory of dissipative systems, the universe as a process of endless complexification, marrying Bobby Azarian’s Unifying Theory of Reality & Gregg Henriques’s Unified Theory of Knowledge, consciousness vs sentience, Integrated Information Theory vs John Searle’s biological functionalism, the odds that intelligent life evolved only once in our galaxy, tying complexification to the God concept, making the “religion that is not a religion” accessible through mythopoeia & storytelling, the Omega Point, whether approaching the Omega Point implies pushing for a techno-Singularity, Emergentist ethics & practices, and much more."

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