Bottom-up Broadband for Europe

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"The Bottom-up Broadband for Europe initiative studies and encourages bottom-up networking deployments. By bottom-up, we mean that there is a peer-to-peer ingredient and that the users play a more active role than mere passive consumers.

The project has two differentiated goals. In the short term, the objective is to run experiments (called pilots) to learn about bottom-up initiatives, create awareness and interconnect disperse efforts. In a second stage of the project, the intention is to create a global community or umbrella organization that helps in promoting and coordinating the multitude of initiatives that are taking place.

Bottom-up Broadband for Europe tries to cover a wide range of pilots in terms of technologies being used, geographical location, funding model, number of users, etc. It also encourages the collaboration between students and experts and the preparation of profuse documentation that can help to repeat successes, avoid pitfalls, and guide policymakers.

We try to apply the same principles that make free libre software and free libre networks so successful. We run a public mailing list and everyone is invited to contribute and collaborate." (