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The October issue of the Technology Innovation Management Review (TIM Review)

has been published:

This month’s theme is Born Global, which refers to startups that globalize early and rapidly. Our guest editor is Tony Bailetti, Director of Carleton University's Technology Innovation Management program (TIM), whose objective is to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge, methods, and tools they need to apply the born-global approach.

This issue features the following articles:

What Technology Startups Must Get Right to Globalize Early and Rapidly - Tony Bailetti

To Internationalize Rapidly from Inception: Crowdsource - Elnaz Heidari, Mohsen Akhavannia, Nirosh Kannangara

Using Social Media to Accelerate the Internationalization of Startups from Inception - Tony Maltby

Global Mindset: An Entrepreneur's Perspective on the Born-Global Approach - Robert Poole

Market Channels of Technology Startups that Internationalize Rapidly from Inception - Simar Yoos

This issue also includes a report on a recent TIM Lecture by Fred Dixon entitled "Growing a Global Company Anchored on Open Source Software"."