Bonnie Snyder on Free speech and Woke Sensibilities in US High Schools

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"Schools across the country have begun to adopt practices around teaching and enforcing “woke” principles that raise concerns about the rights and wellbeing of children. In some instances, students are required to publically declare their support or opposition to certain ideologies and “corrected” later if their answers are not satisfactory. Are schools overstepping their bounds and infringing on students’ rights? How can educators generate healthy and productive conversations on race?

Joining Naomi and Ian in this episode is Bonnie Snyder, the High School Outreach Fellow at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Bonnie shares her efforts with FIRE to produce a manuscript called “Undoctrinate,” which seeks to provide educators the necessary tools to promote free and constructive conversations in schools. Later, they share encouraging news about the success of the “1776 Unites” project’s high school curriculum, which presents a more complete and authentic approach to American history, recognizing both America’s legacy of slavery and the remarkable accomplishments of black Americans in the face of oppression." (


Show Notes:

00:45 | What is happening in high schools around free speech and the “woke” sensibility

02:00 | Concerning incidents of public humiliation

05:35 | What is FIRE doing to help parents and their students stand up to school overreach?

09:51 | How these efforts threaten the future of high school students

13:28 | Why the “1776 Unites” curriculum can help schools promote free and constructive conservations about race and opportunity in America.

17:40 | Crediting the “1619 Project” for raising an important discussion on the gaps in school curricula on American history

19:15 | How the legacy of the “Rosenwald schools” can inform an approach to build a brighter future for black Americans