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= The dream behind the team at BoardForge is to eliminate the necessity of ordering large quantities to produce high quality custom electronic parts, notably circuit boards. [1]



" “We aim to fix this with an easy to use, affordable benchtop robot. Think MakerBot for electronics. Ultimately, the machine will etch traces, apply solder paste, place components, cook, and test. Version 1.0 places components.”"


"On April 9th, 2013, Board Forge became two separate projects. Jeff McAlvay leads Tempo Automation’s Electronics Factory project ( Ed Bennett ([email protected]) and Jay Hopkins ([email protected]) lead a project at Chicago’s Pumping Station: One. The use of the Board Forge name and mark are being discontinued. We wish both of the successor projects the best.

We would like to thank Pumping Station: One ( for hosting Board Forge and express our gratitude to the many folks who contributed their work, resources, and advice to the project."