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= "A software platform for grass roots collective crypto speculation and assisting community driven peer-to-peer (person-to-person) cryptocurrency education at the margins".

URL = github mmt depository


"P2P technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technologies (a.k.a blockchains) are potentially transformative. Our belief is that they will only be truly transformative if we expand who has the power (information, tools, skills, access, resources) to be a peer (as in human peers within P2P) into marginalised communities. This requires education and skill sharing. Our hope is that as this happens we will see localised transformations as people reconfigure the new skills, tools and access to meet their specific needs.

In the future scenario where the 'value' of cryptocurrencies is much higher than they are now, we want to make sure that this potential future wealth is spread to the margins and that marginalised communities, projects and people have the tools to coordinate in novel, transformative and liberatory ways." (


"MMT seeks to empower communities and individuals at the margins with the knowledge and tools required to get involved with cryptocurrencies.

MMT seeks to provide the community infrastructure to aid in the complete experience and journey of someone going from zero knowledge to owning and managing their own private keys.

MMT seeks to support those 'teachers' who are teaching new people, to make the experience of doing so as fluid as possible.

MMT will be a community centered cryptocurrency exchange enabling the purchase of a pre-selected subset of cryptocurrencies (enabling community oriented folks to be able to access crypto from like minded folks rather than simply going to corporate platforms).

MMT will enable members to gift and 'IOU' crypto to new invited members.

MMT members will be able to manage a portion of their fees and direct them to pre-vetted projects on the platform.

MMT will allow projects to join the platform to be funded.

MMT will provide tools for socially backing up private keys and passwords to the platform." (