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Book. Biology is Technology. Rob Carlson



From Randy in [email protected]:

"This is a book review that may be of interest to the DIYbio community. The author, Rob Carlson, is intimately involved with DIYbio, in fact, as proof of principle he has started his own successful garage biotech company.

The main premise of this book is that biology is a transformative technology that will depend on amateur/garage/DIY for innovation. The book spans a wide variety of topics, from synthetic biology and IGEM, to biology as an engineering discipline, and the future applications of biotech in regards to human health and bio-fuels, including a comparison of open source software and "open biology".

Carlson uses the examples of aviation and computer science as a touchstone for the possibilities that lay ahead for innovation in biotech.

Check out his company's website:

In summary, it's well worth the price of admission to buy the book and take advantage of the voice of experience. Rob Carlson offers a critical and open minded view of the possibilities of garage bio, as well as the pitfalls that may await."