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"Biofaction is a research and science communication company based in Vienna, Austria. Biofaction has significant expertise in science communication, film production, technology assessment and the study of ethical, legal and social issues in a number of emerging sciences and technology (genetic engineering, synthetic biology, converging technology).

Biofaction provides expertise and service in the following areas:

  • technology assessment of new and emerging (bio)technologies
  • art and science collaboration
  • film and video production on science and technology
  • science communication and managing the science-society interface

What’s in a name? Biofaction is a neologism combining: Bio for biology, the living world, and Fact for scientific information. Biofact means (a) the production of artefacts by living organisms other than human beings and (b) for living artefacts, describing the blurring boundaries between the living and the non-living world. Faction is the use of fictional elements in conveying facts, or the use of facts to tell fictional stories." (