Bill Ottman on Open Source Social Media such as Minds

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Via Jim Rutt:

"In this currents episode, Bill Ottman & Jim have a wide-ranging talk on the state of social media and his open-source social platform ( They talk about what makes Minds different than other social networks: open-source, community-owned, profit-shared, decentralized, free speech, privacy, decentralized reputation, moderation process, monetization & incentives, tokens, AWS & decentralizing the back-end, Ethereum, and more. They also chat about Jim’s recent Facebook banning, GitHub censorship, Reddit’s move away from open-source, power & corruption, radicalizing dynamics of censorship, doxing, Google’s demands on the Minds app, possible government platform regulation, the media influence on big tech, Twitter & Facebook opportunities, some relevant stories from Jim’s CEO days at Network Solutions, the GameStop short squeeze, and more."