Better Without AI

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* Book: Better without AI: How to avert an apocalypse. David Chapman.



From the author, David Chapman:

"ChatGPT, an AI text generator, has made recent progress in artificial intelligence suddenly obvious. Since it was released just three months ago, it’s gained a hundred million users, most of whom probably previously thought AI was strictly science fiction.

ChatGPT is amazing fun. Unfortunately, though, AI is dangerous. In science fiction, it’s pretty much guaranteed to kill everyone—unless it’s stopped by a plucky band of heros. Maybe in the real world that can include you?

“Everyone dies” may or may not be a realistic danger, but other risks are severe and entirely real. The book offers many specific suggestions for what we can do about that.

You may know about the two existing fields concerned with AI risk, called “AI ethics” and “AI safety.” This book takes a rather different approach from either; it’s about a different set of possible bad outcomes, and different ways of forestalling them.

I also suggest ways we can get many of the hoped-for benefits of future AI without taking on its risks. As far as I can see, we’d be much better off… without AI."