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Book: The Best of Instructables, Volume 1. Make Magazine, 2008


" is a hub of HOWTO where makers post step-by-step guides to building everything from a magnetic refrigerator lights to a dog wheelchair to a marshmallow shooter. Eric Wilhelm and Christy Canida, the proprietors of Instructables, are quintessential Happy Mutants and we're delighted that their site has become so popular. It now features more than 10,000 projects! Instructables and MAKE magazine have compiled a slew of the best of the site's offerings in a terrific 300 page book, The Best of Instructables, Volume 1, published this week. More than 120 projects are organized into categories like home & garden, robotics, food, and photography. I think I've found the perfect holiday gift for the riot nrrrds and maker youth (of all ages) on my list!" (


"Somehow instructables are even better suited to book form (or maybe its testament to the work of the publishers, O’Reilly). The book is easy to navigate and lucid yet still packed with both the original instructables plus selected comments and interspersed commentary from the website creators.” (

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