Bengt Sjölén

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= Swedish Open Source Hardware hacker


"Bengt Sjölén is an independent software and hardware designer/hacker/artist based in Stockholm, with roots in the home computer demo scene.

He is not part of one single group, but rather collaborates with several networks, including Teenage Engineering, a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Stockholm, and aether architecture in Budapest. Collaboration is often in the form of peer production, where the network, rather than the individual, is the author, and where not only is the network crossing discipline boundaries, but so is each individual participant, too, creating a sum larger than its parts through sharing and cross-breeding of ideas.

Sjölén is doing projects in the contexts of media art, science, sound, visuals, architecture and technology. He experiments with, among other things, programmatic generation of design, function, hardware and software. One example of this is customizing computer-controlled machines with parts manufactured by the same machines to enable rapid prototyping of electronics and mechanics from generated designs, bypassing the traditional processes and economics of prototype design and manufacturing." (