Ben Haggarty on Open Source Storytelling

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Storyteller Ben Haggarty in conversation with Chris Lydon at the Rhode Island School of Design, May 2008:

"I’m against copyright. I’m involved in an interpretive, re-creational art form… These stories belong to everybody, and the reason that they’ve lasted so long, really from the Stone Age to the present day (some of them), is that they contain in them the essence of human experience. That’s what we respond to: the truth, the authenticity of a situation, or the comedy… or the horror… or the pity of a situation. In a sense that is always contemporary. Pain and loss and the joy of retrieval have been going on since human beings have had relationships… It’s not sustainable to create new work all the time — to hold everything, to sell everything… In terms of the riches of art and the imagination, it’s all been done before. What is new is that people haven’t met it before. So when you encounter something for the first time, there’s your newness. There’s nothing wrong with recycling." (