Ben Dyson on Positive Monetary Reform

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"I popped over to the HQ this week, to talk to Ben Dyson about their monetary reform campaign. They are seeking to wrest the power of money creation away from the banks, and put it under democratic control - no more of that debt based money please! We talk about the origins of our current monetary system, the pathetic understanding of money by mainstream economists, and the benefits to the common people of monetary and banking reform. We also discuss the heterodox economics of Modern Monetary Theory(MMT), and I rant a little on this topic at the end of the show."

More Information

You can check out more about positive money here:

And you can buy their book explaining how the monetary system in the UK works here:

Ben also features in the new feature length documentary about the issue called '97% Owned'(well worth watching):

I have also managed to get the show loaded to the iTunes store, so people can download it from there. Here is link:

For those of you interested in finding out more about Modern Monetary Theory(MMT), you should check out this blog, where you can find articles by leading experts in the field like Randy Wray, and Warren Mosler: