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"_Augmentology explores concepts that shape and are shaped by an extensive range of online/synthetic encounters. These concepts are formed through principles generated internally within specific online environments. These environments include - among others - Massively Multiplayer Online Environments , Social Networking Platforms , Social Gaming and Alternate Reality Games.

Entries will dissect post-geophysically defined notions of reality through a mixture of:

  • Platform-specific case studies.
  • Analysis of contextual behaviour sets.
  • Construction of theoretical projections derived via synthetic, mixed and augmented formats.

Each post and comment block adds information involving insights derived from online dynamics, structuring and mechanics. The aim of this Augmentology project is to construct a new discipline. This discipline is to be formulated and documented appropriately online. This discipline is not intended for academic ratification and does not adhere to canonised standards of referencing and/or validation. All materials linked are accessible online and are presented in order to encourage link-based - rather than directional - information accumulation. These references include a mixture of verifiable and speculative sources." (