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Compiled by Valentin Spirik:

General Tools

The VLC media player (or VideoLAN) is an open-source video (and audio) player available for all major platforms and capable of playing back almost all video formats found online. The VLC can be used as a streaming server and also for transcoding video(streams). (*)

The MPlayer, open-source, is "the Movie Player for Linux", but there is also the MPlayer OS X


10 Alternatives to iTunes for managing your iPod (, 07.08.07)

The Complete Guide to Managing iTunes Videos (, 15.02.07)

How to: Share your music via iTunes on the Net (, 12.03.05)

PodTube (OS X) and iTube (Windows) are for YouTube to iPod (, 06.09.06). Note: If this link is not working also try The Amazing YouTube Tools Collection. (

hymn "...allows you to free your iTunes Music Store purchases (protected AAC / .m4p) from their DRM restrictions with no loss of sound quality."

FairGame "will convert the songs you bought on the iTunes store to an unprotected format..." See also the related online article FairGame cracks iTunes using iMovie. (, 31.10.06)

iLounge is about "All things iPod, iTunes and beyond". This is a commercial site with a lot of useful resources (good forums, iPod how-to related articles and more).


HOW TO - Copy data off a Microsoft Zune (use as a hard drive) (, 23.11.06)

See also the related online article Zune, Creative Commons Don't Mix (, 27.11.06)

Players Supporting Ogg Vorbis

The XiphWiki's PortablePlayers page lists "all mobile players known to support Ogg Vorbis. Some do also play FLAC (please add information)".

Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware

Rockbox is an open source firmware for mp3 players, written from scratch.