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* Book and exhibition: An Atlas Of Commoning Summer 2018. Publisher Arch+ Verlag, 2018



"This project by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen in Berlin in collaboration with ‘ARCH+’ aims to recapture and redefine the open and emancipatory space of “us” as a concept. It focuses on urban commons, understood as a set of practices dealing with the production and management of collective resources (material and immaterial) and spaces in general. “Commoning” is therefore a process of negotiating differences and conflicts between the individual, the community, and society. The atlas unfolds a network of ideas to achieve solidarity and emancipation in response to companies whose business models are based on the commercialisation of social relationships." (,0,1,0.html)


" An Atlas of Commoning: Places of Collective Production

An ifa exhibition in collaboration with ARCH+

Exhibition duration: June 23 – August 26, 2018

The exhibition will then tour internationally for about ten years.

Research partners: School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, and TU Berlin, Institut für Architektur, Fachgebiet Prof. Rainer Hehl


Facebook, Airbnb and other companies, whose business models are based on the commer­cialization of social relationships, have transformed words like “community,” “sharing” or “us” into empty concepts­ that no longer represent solidarity or a progressive social agenda, but rather form the basis for an emerging platform capitalism. This economic development is accompanied by a global political shift fueled by traditional community notions of identity and affiliation, exclusion and discrimination.

Against this background, the exhibition and publication project An Atlas of Commoning aims to recapture and redefine the open and emancipatory space of “us” as a concept. The project focuses on urban commons—here commons are to be understood as a set of practices dealing with the production and management of (material and immaterial) collective resources and spaces in gene­ral, rather than with the resources themselves, hence “commoning”, the verb, takes center stage.

Exhibition concept

The starting point of the exhibition is an "atlas", a visual archive with a diverse selection of contemporary and historical case studies­. The Atlas, which is being developed by ARCH+ in collaboration with the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University, will consist of 25 projects related to commoning.­ This initial selection will be complemented with new ones, to be added in collaboration with local partners as the exhibition tours from city to city. As a result, the Atlas of Commoning continues to grow as an open knowledge archive, producing an invaluable documentation of local grassroots projects from all over the world.

From the Atlas, the exhibition develops along three axes of investigation, each one illustrating the tension inherent in practices of sharing. The resulting chapters are: Ownership – Access, Production – Reproduction, Right – Solidarity. Artistic works open up further access to the subject and reflect the interrelationship between individual, community, society, and world. Through this interplay of projects and formats, a network of ideas unfolds: ideas for a solidly united and emancipatory commons, one that doesn’t bring individuals into line within the community but turns the unique, the different, and the special into decisive qualities of togetherness.

Part of the exhibition is an edition of ARCH+ magazine (english issue available in summer 2018) that provides a broad insight into important theoretical positions and practical examples.­" (