Associative Economics

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An approach inspired by the economic ideas of Rudolf Steiner (anthroposophy).

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"Associative economics is a non-partisan approach to the wide and divergent range of thought currently informing modern debates, including, perhaps uniquely, the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.

Associative economics seeks to open up a new path into a new landscape. A new path that begins with taking responsibility for our economic actions; a new landscape in which human beings collaborate rather than compete in order to best serve humanity.

Associative economics is about moving from narrow to enlarged egoism and about seeing individuals, not market forces, as the true agents of change. Working together on behalf of humanity, their task is to make the 'invisible hand' visible.

Focused on the long term, but addressing the here and now, associative economics offers an approach to business, government and the third sector (civil society) based on a common framework. Central to it is its rethinking of the For-Profit / Not-for-Profit divide and its empowering approach to today's financial system." (