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"As World Citizens, we acknowledge that who we are is deeply interwoven with other species, nations, cultures, religions and our fellow human beings. In fact, in our interdependent world we are all world citizens whether we realize it or not.

As conscious world citizens, we recognize that the only way in which we can all come into our own is if there is a democracy of species, nations and people, based on the rule of law, and if human laws are in harmony with the laws that govern the rest of the Natural Order. It is necessary as a world citizen therefore to reawaken our intuitive connection to the promptings of the Natural Order. This involves resolving conflicts peacefully, for these tend to block this connection, and learning to relate peacefully and lovingly to all aspects of our worlds.

Once our intuitive connection to 'All That Is' is freed, we experience ourselves as a part of a glorious unity that has always existed but which we did not always consciously perceive. At this point a feeling of benevolence begins to colour our relationships. Once we are aware of this unity, our experience of conflict is transformed into one of 'unity in diversity'. This is a strong basis from which to achieve peaceful conflict resolution and reattune to the promptings of the Natural Order.

Besides obeying natural law, world citizens share a sense of responsibility for the global community that in today's interdependent world is attempting to emerge. To nurture this community into being, we must learn how to input governments worldwide through the UN, the only global political forum we have. For at the UN most global strategies are developed.

Since humanity is interdependent both with other species and with other systems of the Natural Order harmful actions tend to boomerang and hurt both others and ourselves. As a conscious world citizen, I therefor choose to act in ways that (where possible) benefit All That Is: I choose all-win over win/lose actions." (