Art and the Media when Everybody Participates

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Microcasting Alliance Podcast #002 - Art and The Media Eric from VOX Monitor, Defwheezer from Mental-Escher Pluri Media Group, and Dave Hitt

Art is the expression of creativity. Art, in its broadest meaning, is the expression of creativity or imagination, or both. Positive AND Negative creativity/imagination- Bliss, Garden of Eden, Nirvana, OR Hell, Conquest , murder, War, Genocide, Weapons that can destroy the world. So then, what is acceptable, or "good" art? Will "good" art overwhelm "dark" art? What role does Mass Media Play? The Corporate control of Mass Media even?! No threat from internet yet, but blogs are just in the infancy of changing the meaning and impact of Mass Media through decentralization and the rise of Wiki. Why should you care? Well, for one thing, the World gets "better", and hey- You can participate, have your "vote" really count, and in the process, become "socialized" by the Wiki consensus. All view points are considered and evaluated neutrally. Algorithmically if you will. You can then squint your eyes a bit, and see possible futures:

  • Corporate Mass Media controlling the populace via advertising and various forms of propaganda integration and distribution.
  • A Zen-like world where everyone participates and every voice is heard in a context of the global society.

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