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= Community Mapping and Sensing project to create a living system of environmental sensors


Preemptive Media is at


"the US-based artists, activists and technologists of Preemptive Media have been exploring how both people and animals can be used as technologically enabled environmental sensors:

“AIR is a public, social experiment in which people are invited to use Preemptive Media’s portable air monitoring devices to explore their neighborhoods and urban environments for pollution and fossil fuel burning hotspots … While AIR is designed to be a tool for individuals and groups to self identify pollution sources, it also serves as a platform to discuss energy politics and their impact on the environment, health and social groups in specific regions.”

Moving beyond people for data collection, Preemptive Media’s PigeonBlog (→ realtime map project recruits homing pigeons and equips them with sensors that relay data on-line and allow it to be plotted and visualised, in real-time, to anyone with an internet connection. By focussing on air pollution, both of these projects take up pervasive computing’s familiar mandate to make the invisible visible and demonstrate locative media’s interest in collective political action. Embodying what sociologist Bruno Latour has called “collectives of humans and non-humans”, AIR and PigeonBlog reconfigure political networks in terms of their capacity to collect and disseminate sensor data." (