Aragon DAO Framework

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Joshua Tan:

"Aragon is a DAO framework, meaning it’s a tool for implementing DAOs. It’s a software project operating on Ethereum and built in Solidity. It’s a platform, by which we mean it’s a piece of software that hosts online communities.

Aragon the platform is different from the Aragon (user) community, which is again different from the Aragon Foundation. The Aragon community, the Aragon Association, and the Aragon Network DAO are all organizations, but they’re related to Aragon the platform in different ways. The Aragon Association owns Aragon the platform in that it is the legal steward and principal governor of the code, while the Aragon community contributes to Aragon the platform through buying tokens, through voting, and through software commits. The Aragon Network DAO is a formal medium through which the Aragon community votes on proposals.

Finally, Aragon the platform hosts a number of other online communities, not all of which are DAOs."