Appropriate Economics

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"To say that something is “appropriate” is to make a value judgement. Therefore values, which are the expression of what people people consider important and essential to them and ethics, which are the practical application of values, are intrinsic to anything that can be called “appropriate”. In terms of values, economic systems must be connected to the places, environments, societies, cultures and impacts of its application, and the process for assessing what is appropriate must respect these elements. In terms of ethics, the process of actively engaging the community in the conceptualization, design and realization of an economy which provides each person with enough, what Herman Daly calls “satisficing” through the combination of the words ‘sufficient’ and ‘satisfied’, is the application of an appropriate economic process.'" (


"'Community-based Local Exchange Systems are appropriately-designed social and economic networks which encourage cooperation and reciprocation, self-reliance and mutual aid, local production for local needs, socio-economic solidarity and economic justice for the meeting of needs, cultural revitalization, socio-economic harmony and rural reconstruction." (