Antonio Lafuente

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"Antonio Lafuente (Granada) is a researcher at the Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales (CSIC) in the area of Studies on Science. He has worked on the expansion of science during the Colonial era and on the relation of science to the public and laymen’s knowledge. His most recent research is about the relation between technology and the commons, as well as the links between old and new heritage. His interest in the commons led him to the study of problems related to the expansion intellectual property rights in science, in addition to the analysis of the implications of the concepts of governance, open knowledge, participation, technical democracy, biz science, and scientific culture. He publishes the blog tecnocidanos. His latest book is El carnaval de la tecnociencia (Madrid: Gadir, 2007). More of his writing can be found in the institutional archives Digital.CSIC" (