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= video activist collective in Rio de Janeiro



'The Anti Cinema Collective was founded in 2006 to expand democracy through audio visual channels. At the time we had only one still camera to use for audio visual projects and workshops in Rio de Janeiro’s communities. In 2007 we were invited by the Brazilian NGO FASE to run an audio visual workshop in Argentina, at the South American Youth meeting where we worked collectively with groups from Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay on a film which was chosen as the best of the event.

Since then we’ve done workshops across the country and abroad. Today Anti Cinema is an active collective recognized by the Brazilian government for our youth supporting programs. Our coordinator is Marcio Graffiti, in addition to participants Giselle Marques, Marina Muniz, Fernanda Rangel, Luiza Rosa, André Tertuliano and the MC Slow da BF of our events. We have partners such as Marcelo Yuka, FASE, Cinema com Batuque, and SESC.

Our participation in this ( Festival was about establishing partnerships and presenting films released by Anti Cinema participants and in our workshops. The films were “Meeting of Favela” (talks about the largest graffiti encounter in South America which brings together 500 volunteer graffiti artists in Rio de Janeiro) and “Inclusão Digital” (which brings to the big screen a view of the negative impacts of digital inclusion, when it’s not done properly)." (