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Rajani Kanth:

"What is this real, anthropic society I speak of?

It is not the social world invented for us by the EM social engineers.

In fact it is the very antipode of that false construct.

We are, in our collective aspect as anthropic beings, hominids, (closely related to the Great Apes chimps and bonobos).

We are not, inherently, selfish, adversarial, acquisitive, and competitive.

Au contraire, we are communal, co-respective, co-operative, and affective beings thriving, at our best, in convivial and kindred/kinship based relationships within a tribal matrix. Our Ape cousins move in packs and herds, we in families and tribes.

Our greatest anthropic need, as mammals, would appear to be , not to produce and consume, which is the EM Litany but simply: to huddle.

See how far you get by employing these real criteria to your standard Micro-Economics Curricula, and you get an idea of the monstrous perversion of human values at issue here. How we went from that relatively set of placid social traits to the ‘climb every mountain, ford every stream’ frenzy – read that as pillage every society, plunder any/all resources- brand of gratuitous excitement is the story of what I term Human Devolution. EM did not commence that historical process, of decline: the rot had begun far earlier, but it made that declension irreversible and placed us all in the Iron Cage – Max Weber - that we live in.

As was once said about the city of Manhattan, EM is now a similar unbreachable, epistemic prison: i.e., the only prison in the world built , daily, and animatedly, lovingly, by the inmate/victims themselves having duly absorbed the canons of EM misanthropy." (