Amy Barker on Literary Mash-Ups

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"this week RML was the subject of a great episode of ABC Radio National's The Book Show.

The program includes interviews with the RML coordinators, Amy Barker and our own Elliott Bledsoe, as well as RML author Cate Kennedy and remixer Amra Pajalic. They talk about their experiences with the project, the history of adaptive works and what remix means for literature.

For those who have managed to miss RML, it's a project that aims to bring the world of remix, mashup and appropriation to literature. If everyone else can do it, why not us?

With this in mind, they have released 9 short stories by prominent Australian authors - from ABC Fiction Award winner Damian MacDonald to best seller Kim Wilkins - under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike licence. The idea is for YOU (the public) to rework, rethink and reinvent the stories. Whatever you can think of, you can do - legally.

The final short stories and remixes will be released in a printed anthology which will (of course) also by under an Attribution Non-Commerical ShareAlike licence. And so the circle of life continues." (