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"Altmetrics (alternate or alternative metrics) is the study of newer web-based metrics in scholarship that look at total influence of someone via blogposts, social media, Twitter and Slideshare, among a range of other tools. Social engagement data is culled from total viewings of articles, retweets of publications and knowledge objects, mentions on social media and aggregated as a measure of total scholarly impact. Put another way, altmetrics looks at the social web and mines information from it for analysis and detailed examination.

The vision for altmetrics is summarized in:

" ... in growing numbers, scholars are moving their everyday work to the web. Online reference managers Zotero and Mendeley each claim to store over 40 million articles (making them substantially larger than PubMed); as many as a third of scholars are on Twitter, and a growing number tend scholarly blogs...."

An emerging area of the alternative metrics discourse is the idea of owning your social data. The idea is that connecting with others socially is part of our work as academics, and we shouldn't have to trade away our personal information to participate in social networks." (

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