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"Alternative Information Technologies Association is trying to produce alternative, unusual and hegemonyagainst ideas and solutions about not only the Internet and other information and communication technologies but also the use, the social and political effects of these technologies and the problems and consequences caused.

The Association carries out researches on both the use and social, political meaning and content of these technologies. It brings those from different disciplines together and meets technical mind with social mind. Moreover, the Association organizes panel discussions, conferences, workshops; prepares e-books, declarations, blogs, wikis, e-mail discussion lists and surveys; carries out protest demonstrations and online campaigns.

The Association makes an effort for the development of techno-social policies at macro and micro level which prioritize the rights and freedoms of the individuals and societies. In short, the Association aims “ Information Technologies for the Humanity” .

For a social way of thinking about information technologies and for productive action, “ Alternative Information Technologies Association” …."

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