Alternative Economies Subgroup of OWS Arts and Labor

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"The Alternative Economies subgroup of OWS Arts and Labor explores new methods of sustaining the livelihood of artists, art-workers, and other low-income populations. We view the concept of labor through the lenses of time, choice, and value, and we research the ways that ideas like the commons, solidarity economies, precarious worker centers, and participatory budgeting can nurture more sustainable art worlds. Believing that vibrant creative communities come from the bottom up, we encourage relationships based on mutual aid rather than competition, and we advocate for cultural institutions rooted in a framework of social, economic, and environmental justice."

More Information

• We have completed “What Do We Do Now?” a pdf resource list for access to affordable housing, healthcare, banking, childcare, etc. It is a living document that will grow over time. [1]

• Separate google group. To be added, please post a request to the A&L listserv. [email protected] or send an email to [email protected]