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"The concept of Almaoon is inspired from a Quranic sura Almaoon which explains the concept of some possible and universally implementable human commons that will establish a system of welfare and harmony in the society locally and internationally. It lays out the characteristics of a person, an organization, a group or any entity that rejects, deny or resist a social system. Here the sura adopts a unique strategy to explain what may not be done to achieve a desired status of harmony in the society. The one who rejects the system does following which if eliminated or regulated will help develop a better human society. “Yukazibu Bid din”. (Din denotes a social system) He denies, rejects and undermine a social system. “Yadu Ul Yateem”.( Yateem denotes the deprived segment of the society). He pushes away, down and deprive the weak.

“La Yahuzu ala Taam il Miskeen”.( Miskeen denotes the one who cannot earn his living), He does not promote or encourage any effort to feed the poor and needy.

“Vaylul lil Musalleen” (Musaleen means government officials responsible for the public good). These may be punished severely with exemplary penalties for their negligence.

“Hum An salatihim sahoon”. (salat denotes assigned duties/ responsibilities) They are oblivious of their responsibilities due to negligence.

“Hum Yuraoon”. They only work to advertise performance, display and show where as actually they do not work. “Yamnaon al maoon”. They forbid , prohibit , block, resist and stop small deeds for the common good. AL Maoon promotes basic essential policy preferences and principles which are universally applicable to facilitate implementation of common good (CG).

CG -1 . Equal opportunity for all on the basis of fair and transparent system especially the deprived segment

CG-2. A participatory system of food security involving governments and societies.

CG 3. International Accountability mechanism for all public office bearers

CG 4. International law to declare prohibition, rejection and blocking of common good as a punishable crime."