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"Akshaya was conceived as a landmark ICT project by the Kerala State Information Technology Mission to bring the benefits of this technology first to the backwards Malappuram district and consequently to the entire population of the state. The path taken was the establishment of ICT centres at a grassroots level. These centres were intended not just to bring computer facilities to rural areas but also, crucially, to provide education and support to locals on the use of these facilities.

An Akshaya e-Kendra (e-centre) was built for every 1000 families, covering 2/3 villages. The centres had to have 5 computers and be within a 2-3 km distance from each household they were envisaged to serve. At least one person from every family in the area was to be given a 10-day training funded entirely by local bodies— various organisations were involved in the implementation process, depending on local needs." (http://www.thinkinnovation.org/en/blog/2010/11/akshaya/)