Agro Biogenics

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= generating wealth through renewable resources conversions, inspired by Gandhian Economics



"AGRO-BIOGENICS aim to be the facilitators for generating wealth through renewable resources conversions (for Alternate Energy and Engineering Materials). This would be made possible through the New Business of Sustainability Engineered Projects; in doing so, we shall also propagate the concept of Self Regenerative Recycling (SRR), reducing the negative impacts on the environment; we shall also strive to relocate all industry/ economic activities to be in the dilapidated villages of the less-developed countries of the world (where the world's poorest 3, 500 million people now live); and in all our businesses we shall involve the local village level people, utilizing local material resources, enhancing and modernizing local/ traditional wisdom, always answering local needs , first"...

This new business paradigm would be commercialized through the concept of AGRO-POLYMER INDUSTRY COMPLEX- SUSTAINABILITY ENGINEERED PROJECTS. APIX-SEP would be set up in village/ farm regions. The small farm/ village communities would be empowered to fully utilize all locally available agro-renewable resources/ animal/ organic/ waste resources as well as all other available non-farm vegetation/ plant/ tree resources in different ecological surroundings (collectively termed: AGRO-BIOGENICS). These would be converted into useful value added products (processed foods, alternate engineering materials, alternate petro-chemicals, alternate energy, bio-fertilizers, and “carbon sink” engineered products), through an inter related and an integrated techno-socio-commercial process engineering. In doing so, we shall recycle, as far as possible, not less than 50% of the original input materials within the same ecological surroundings The logic is to reduce the effects of environmental and ecological damages due to techno-economic activities. This method, as well as the “regenerative” growth of the different natural vegetation resources in the surroundings (the so-called weeds, grasses and even parthenium plants) would be termed: SELF REGENERATIVE RECYCLING (SRR). The ultimate Objective is to either take up ourselves or assist prospecting entrepreneurs the setting up of hundreds of APIX-SEP systems in cluster modules of one thousand ha area based farmlands/ village areas. Each such one thousand ha module (to be named APIX_1000) would be designed to turn out products/ resources valued in the range US $20 million and above. The timed Objective is to be a catalyst in facilitating the enhancement of earning power of the poorest farm and non-farm communities (estimated world wide to be over 3, 500 million people) from their present paltry per capita level of $150 or lesser to over $3, 000, before the year 2050. Thus, APIX-SEP programs would be the foundation for a world wide NEW BUSINESS AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC ORDER." (