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Compiled by Ethan Zuckerman: [1]

" - founded by Erik Hersman of Ushahidi, but includes lots of contributors. More focused on low/approtech, but fascinating, and very much worth a read:

The Ushahidi crew, in general, has some great tech blogs. (And if you're not following their project - - you're missing one of the most exciting African tech projects around.)

Juliana Rotich is Afromusing -

Erik Hersman is White African -

Ory Okolloh is Kenyan Pundit - - more political/policy than straight tech, but she just took over as Google's Africa policy lead

David Kobia is DKFactor -

Daudi Were - Mental Acrobatics - is wicked smart and deeply involved with the Kenyan geek/random hacks of kindness community -

Moving out of East Africa: WebAddicts is a great South African tech blog -, and the author links to several other strong ZA tech blogs. David Ajao, a Nigerian internet entrepreneur in Ghana, is worth your time:

Not all the best stuff is on blogs. Egghead Odewale's Twitter feed from Nigeria is consistently excellent -!/eggheader"

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