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= open-source project from Airbnb



Jordan Novet:

"The new tool, announced at Airbnb’s 2015 OpenAir developer conference in San Francisco, powers new pricing tips for hosts, which was also announced today. Written mostly in the Java and Scala programming languages, Aerosolve can also more intelligently rank and order things like images.

“This library is meant to be used with sparse, interpretable features such as those that commonly occur in search (search keywords, filters) or pricing (number of rooms, location, price),” Airbnb wrote in a description of the project on GitHub. “It is not as interpretable with problems with very dense non-human interpretable features such as raw pixels or audio samples.”

Airbnb engineers contribute to several open-source projects, like Apache Mesos, and they’ve also released their own projects for the rest of the world to use. Earlier this year Airbnb open-sourced its Airpal web user interface built on top of the PrestoDB open-source database. Aerosolve is the next step in turning Airbnb into a major open-source player, on par with Facebook (which created PrestoDB), Twitter, and other companies.

There are other Open-Source Machine-Learning Libraries, like PredictionIO, Apache Mahout, and H2O, but a tool working at scale at a company like Airbnb should gain considerable adoption." (