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AOT = alliance-building web publishing & communication tool for activists (an open source peer to peer tool for the social justice community)



"The Actions Options Tool (AOT) is web-publishing software made for the specific needs of large organizations, which consist of smaller sub-groups, member groups, or committees working together, that makes publishing multiple types of content on a website easy and efficient."


The Actions Options Tool has four main goals:

1. Allow member groups or chapters within an organization to easily work together and publish content to a website

2. Improve coordination and communication between chapters, member groups, and committees within an organization thereby improving efficiency

3. Create a method for organizations to quickly communicate with members

4. Allow site administrators to easily manage the users/contact list

AOT Features

The Actions Options Tool consists of several features designed to help a large organization stay organized, manage their members, publish several types of content to a website, and to manage marketing and email newsletter campaigns.

The main features of the tool are:

  • News article publishing system
  • Actions/events publishing tool (and grid) for coordinating efforts
  • Event calendar
  • User registration system
  • Email campaign/marketing tool
  • Discussion forums
  • Committee member message center
  • Political action centers (petitions, boycotts, etc.)


"Who are we? There are 14 volunteers working on this project at this time, helping local organization use the programming as each site goes up. Many of us are from the Illinois Coalition for Peace and Justice. Several of us came on board over the last year as websites went up in those states. I am a member of Neighbors for Peace. The Actions Options Tool emerged as a result of working with and observing four Illinois coalitions paying close attention to the conditions that fostered cooperation and communication. My wife, Marcia Bernsten and I manage the web and email presence of several other Illinois peace and justice organizations and regional coalitions out of state. We also maintain the sites of over 350 commercial clients, which is how we make our living and fund the research and development of these new tech applications."