Accountability 21

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Accountability 21 aims to change the concept of accountability in harmony with the new open source and peer to peer visions. They are promoting the concept of "Horizontal Accountability"


"Today's accountability wave is rooted in the principles and practice of what might variously be called open source, dialogic, horizontal, people-centred approaches to bringing power to account."

"So accountability is dynamic and contested, we have no choice but to continuously innovate. The question, then, is what will be this generation's underlying approach, what is it abandoning, and what is it seeking to carry forward from the past? Most of all, is it likely to advance us in addressing today's pressing problems?

AccountAbility, in exploring these questions, has launched an initiative, Accountability 21. Building on a decade of our own work, and standing on the shoulders of many others who have and are advancing accountability innovations focused on specific concerns, issues and communities, A21 aims to play a role in identifying, developing and promoting innovative, progressive approaches to reinventing accountability for the 21st century. Core to our work is our belief, as Anne Marie Goetz and others have suggested, that there is an emerging new accountability agenda underpinned by a discernable pattern, or wave of innovation." (

Recasting accountability in an open source world, by Shay David, at