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URL = https://www.abundancegeneration.com/ (UK)


James Lester [1]:

'Abundance Generation allows people to invest in renewable energy projects in the UK, such as wind, solar and hydro projects. There are currently one solar and four wind projects in development, with one wind project up and running and already generating energy. Each project open for investment on the Abundance website has a specific estimated return.

Users of the Abundance platform purchase debentures – essentially an IOU – and receive a regular cash sum, which is the share of the money made from generating electricity. Users can still invest as little as £5 in a project and are currently receiving an average of 5-9% return on their investment. Abundance Generation’s first project aims to raise between £300,000 and £1,400,000 – each person can pledge between £5 and £50,000– to build a 0.5MW wind turbine at Great Dunkilns Farm in the Forest of Dean.

“We call it ‘democratic finance’, says Bruce Davis, co-founder of Abundance Generation. “Enabling small investors, starting at as little as £5, to produce a regular return from the generation and sale of 100% green electricity from wind, solar, hydro and other renewable energy sources.”