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= open source asset digitization tool, "created for the purpose of global digital assets circulation".




"ACChain is an international open source community originated by global blockchain enthusiasts, a reliable value transaction system, which can be used to help solving problems in value transfer and exchange. Bearing in mind the principle of “teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish", we developed the asset digitization tool- ACChain,an open source public blockchain, allowing all participators to conduct digital assets exchange without going through the trouble of establishing trust,but through the mechanism of cryptology to identify information, and by relying on the consensus system to build a transparent and just economic society." (


"Blockchain technology is building an asset-sharing distributed ledger between different nodes, institutions and industries.

After the digitization, tokenization, and symbolization of material assets, all assets can be mapped and segmented,

in order to realize tangible assets registration, issuing, and trading on Blockchain.

We will have different understandings of its meaning in the same world.

ACCHAIN has built a pure decentralized platform for asset digitization,

it is the common community of asset tokens, by copying Asset Blockchain general ledgers to implement asset digitization,

and using ACC (Asset Collection Coin) as a common exchange medium to realize assets circulation.

ACCHAIN is a distributed general ledger with self-improving ability.

Each node can create a new block by working on the chain (copying the general ledger) and to form an asset chain.

ACC is the standard token in ACCHAIN for token circulation and interchanging. As the general ledger token,

ACC can be used as the common medium to be used to realize the interchange and circulation of token and standard token." (

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