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= Open Hardware 3D printer



"The 3Drag construction process entirely available on RepRap wiki right now, with a so detailed building process that is probably the most documented (hundreds of pictures , step by step guides) so far on that wiki. We believe that a step by step guide was pretty crucial of course for those that bought our kit that need to mount the machine but also for makers and hackers interested in building the 3Drag on their own or, maybe, in modifying it.

It’s interesting to note, in fact, that having access to the construction plans will allow people to use part of the 3Drag to eventually make new machines, copy and improve technical solutions, and more.

You can obviously find all the sources to cut the aluminum profile parts, as well as the measures of the rods, washers, nuts, geared parts and all the general purpose materials needed to build the machine with a complete Bill Of Materials.

Also the 3Drag controller is completely open source. In fact you can find all the designs and components to make it on this blog, or on the RepRap Wiki.

On the software side, as we explained greatly here in this post here , all the components used are fully open source (both the original Marlin firmware and our improvements) and this actually makes our machine a genuinely open, accessible, powerful 3D printer.

Unfortunately, this is not enough to make a lively and collaborative open source project, and that’s our objective after all, as we don’t want simply the 3Drag to be open source per se: instead we want a community of makers and hackers to experiment with our 3D Printer design and constructive choices…" (http://www.open-electronics.org/3drag-or-being-open-source-for-real/)

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