3D Printing and Open Source Hardware Licensing

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* Article: Three-Dimensional Printing and Open Source Hardware. by Eli Greenbaum. Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law (JIPEL) , 2013.

URL = http://jipel.law.nyu.edu/2013/04/three-dimensional-printing-and-open-source-hardware/


"This Article shows how the maturing technology of three-dimensional printing can be used to construct an enforceable open hardware license. Open hardware lacks the legal tools which allow the easy implementation of enforceable open source software licenses. As such, existing licenses cannot successfully implement open hardware principles. The author proposes the “Three-Dimensional Printing Open License” (the “TDPL”).

The TDPL draws on the unique characteristics of three-dimensional printing to construct a license that incorporates enforceable documentation, attribution and copyleft provisions. As the technology of three dimensional printing improves and is gradually integrated into a broad range of industries, the scope of the license’s application will increase."