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"There are 3 types of marketplaces for 3D print files:

  • 3D printing services: offer designers to open a store on their platforms and take a commission each time a 3D print is ordered. No download available, only the print. Examples: Shapeways, Sculpteo, i.materialise, Kraftwürx
  • Free sharing: These are the platforms specialized in Creative Commons and Public Domain files.
  • Home 3D printing: the boom of new marketplaces is more specifically in this field. They are designed for people with home 3D printers who want to download files (usually for FDM machines). Exemples: 3D Burrito, Layer by Layer
  • Hybrid: some websites are offering download of the file and service 3D printing as well. Cubify, MakerShop
  • Meta search engines: they agregate 3D files coming from multiple websites. Exemples: Yeggi, Fabforall"



See the list at http://makingsociety.com/2013/07/37-3d-printing-marketplaces-to-share-buy-and-sell-3d-designs/