3D Printers for Peace

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Dr. Joshua Pearce:

"3D Printing Industry readers are already well acquainted with the fantastic and overwhelming beneficial applications of 3D printing. Yet printing illegal plastic guns was getting so much press, that 3D printing was being darkened in the public eye and our elected representatives were seriously discussing laws against 3D printing, background checks for owners and other legislation that would have a chilling effect on the industry and home users alike. What we hoped to do with the contest was nudge the dialogue about 3D printing back to the positive and discuss applications that could be truly uplifting for humanity. We also hoped the contest would generate some great new ideas about 3D printing that might materially benefit the world. It is hard to say what our government will do when it is closed, but I think for the latter goal we were successful." (http://3dprintingindustry.com/2013/10/18/printers-pearce-interview-3d-printers-peaces-dr-joshua-pearce/)