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= A campaigning community that brings people together to take action on the issues that matter and bring about real change in the UK.

URL = http://www.38degrees.org.uk/


Participation Now:

"38 Degrees describes itself as “one of the UK's biggest campaigning communities” whose members “share a desire for a more progressive, fairer, better society and come together to decide which issues we campaign on and the actions we‘ll take to help us achieve that”.

It was initiated by social movement activists and encourages people to participate through an online platform. 38 Degrees is national in orientation and is concerned with democracy, politics & representation, economy, environment & sustainability, human rights, international development, public services and anti-discrimination, equality & social justice.

It was launched in May 2009 and is ongoing. Over 1 million people are involved." (http://www.open.edu/openlearn/society/politics-policy-people/participation-now/38-degrees)

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